Wednesday, December 29, 2004

When is a rule not a rule?

Or a regulation not a regulation? Or 'faith' in rules and regulations not 'faith' in rules and regulations? Well duh, it is when we do it!

It is quite obvious from this article European Laws Place Emphasis On the Driving, Not the Drinking that the U.S. places it's faith in drinking age restrictions whereas Europeans try to remove driving from the equation altogether. But that's not how it is described:

"a fundamental difference between U.S. and European approaches to drunk driving among young people: Americans have raised the drinking age to 21; Europeans keep it low but put faith in stiff rules and regulations."

I guess all those laws probiting anyone younger than 21 -- including members of the armed services, who can die for their country -- from enjoying a brew are really not rules and regulations after all.... I wonder what they are? Supervised suggestions for freedom living?!?