Saturday, January 21, 2006

mail fraud

No that is not a reference to Karl Malone, but to the recent increase in postage rates. Did you know that the rates were not increased in order to cover the costs of delivering the mail?

The USPS has publicly stated that no increase was necessary.

Instead, postal rates were raised on the political orders of the ruling Rethuglican party in legislation passed two years ago demanding an 'escrow fund.'

The increase follows legislation requiring the Postal Service to put $3 billion in an escrow account this year.

Why the hell does the USPS need a $3,000,000,000.00 escrow fund you ask? Well... it doesn't. But the Rethugs have had such an easy time of raiding other lock boxes and monies set aside that they thought they'd help themselves to more via the postal service.

In short, the postal increase is a Rethuglican regressive tax designed to help fund BushCos gutting of the income tax on the super-rich. This from the party that supposedly frowns upon government 'picking winners and losers.'