Thursday, November 18, 2004

Another case of the truth suppressed for political advantage

U.S. Knew Last Year of Flu Vaccine Plant's Woes: "The Food and Drug Administration found serious problems of bacterial contamination at an influenza vaccine plant in England in 2003, 16 months before British regulators effectively closed the site and impounded its flu shots because of fears they were tainted....

The documents, which include FDA inspection reports, letters and e-mails, also revealed that the agency was nine months late in giving Chiron Corp. [of California], the owner of the plant, a detailed report of the problems it found and then rebuffed the company's efforts to learn more about what it could do to fix things. At the same time, FDA managers overruled its inspection team and made its fixes voluntary rather than mandatory.

The new information appears to undercut the agency's assertions that it had no reason to suspect that past safety problems at the plant had persisted and might threaten its huge production capacity...."

You can see once again what a high priority the health and well-being of Americans is for Dubya's regime. But who cares as long as he's a 'winner,' right?