Thursday, November 04, 2004

A good first step...

...recognizing the problem:

For too long Democrats have allowed the GOP to dominate the definition of large concepts like 'liberal' or 'conservative.'

'Conservatism' today is nothing more than a form of identity politics, as exemplified by the bogus musings of David Brooks. We must fight back on the front of ideas and the framing of concepts... but alas, how can the left do so when we don't even support our own think tanks or foundations? Where are our young intellectuals supposed to come from if they cannot raise a family or afford rent as an adjunct professor or a $16/hour editor?

"Our activism kicked ass. Our ability to appeal to the center kicked ass. Our problem is that we are in the minority. Our mistake would be to start blaming individuals and creating scapegoats.

Instead of either individuals or the way we run campaigns, our problem is conservatism itself. "