Friday, February 11, 2005

Good question for the Christians in our audience

Torture, American Style: "The title of Ms. Mayer's article is 'Outsourcing Torture.' It's a detailed account of the frightening and extremely secretive U.S. program known as 'extraordinary rendition.'
This is one of the great euphemisms of our time. Extraordinary rendition is the name that's been given to the policy of seizing individuals without even the semblance of due process and sending them off to be interrogated by regimes known to practice torture. In terms of bad behavior, it stands side by side with contract killings.

Our henchmen in places like Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Uzbekistan and Jordan are torturing terror suspects at the behest of a nation - the United States - that just went through a national election in which the issue of moral values was supposed to have been decisive. How in the world did we become a country in which gays' getting married is considered an abomination, but torture is O.K.?"