Friday, February 18, 2005

I think they hit a nerve...

Italy angered by Swedish TV spot: "The Italian foreign ministry summoned Sweden's ambassador to complain about the spot for Sveriges Television (SVT).

In it, SVT describes itself as a 'free' TV channel, in contrast to Italy where Mr Berlusconi 'controls 90% of the national TV channels'.

The state-funded station said the ad highlighted its own independence....

A similar ad claims that Mr Putin is in control of all national TV channels in Russia - including NTV, the last independent channel, acquired by the state in 2003."
More food for thought: in what three countries has Rupert Murdoch concentrated his media empire?

And what three countries contributed major ground forces in the Iraq invasion in March 2003? Now make a Venn diagram and see what you find.

Murdoch's international influence makes the Heast and Pulitzer empires appear paltry in comparison, no?