Friday, February 11, 2005

No doubting Dr Dean's convictions

Unlike a certain waffler who urged us to 'begin the healing' ughhhh

Of course the MSM, in seeking to curry favor with the bushies and reinforce the 'CW,' pronounced Dean's election as party chair as a sign of doom for the Dems. And hence they buried these nuggets in the last two paragraphs of the story:
Ailing Democrats Put Their Faith in Dr. Dean "Dean has said the party chairman is not the chief messenger for the Democrats, but he comes in with a determination to make good on his pledge of two years ago to 'change this party.' In a recent interview, he described it this way: 'I think we have to be the party of reform, reforming our dreadful fiscal situation, reforming our budgetary process, reforming our electoral politics, reforming health care, reforming education, reforming our foreign policy.'

But he said he sees no need for the party to change its message. 'The real message of my campaign was stand up for what you believe in and pursue the politics of conviction,' Dean said. 'That's frankly why George Bush was successful, because he gave the appearance that he had some deep-seated convictions. If you want to excite people in politics . . . you've got to be a party of convictions.'"