Wednesday, March 09, 2005

the creed is greed

How dare those greedy customers, who were deprived of their usual shopping routine for four and one-half months, not come back! They should be breaking down the doors to resume life as usual. Do they think it was easy locking out the unions in order to take away health care benfits from the coddled, babied workers? And who were those sacrifices made for?

Just because customers may have found a greater diversity of goods at higher quality and perhaps at lower prices outside the usual corporate chain stores, don't they realize that it is the corporations that have made America great? Such ingratitude!

Why, if it weren't for the actions of a few community-minded corporations, why we'd all be paying pennies more just so some of life's losers could visit a doctor or have their perpetually preggers wive's pop out another puppy in a hospital. Where are your priorities, folks?
Kroger's Recovery Is in Slow Checkout Line; Loss Widens: "'The recovery in Southern California has been slow,' said Kroger Chairman and Chief Executive David B. Dillon in a conference call with analysts. 'We are not back to pre-strike levels.'

Southern California is the biggest market for Ralphs, which has 282 stores here.

Ralphs hasn't been able to attract all the customers it lost to rivals such as Trader Joe's, Costco Wholesale Corp. and Stater Bros. Holdings Inc. during the 4 1/2 -month-long strike and lockout. In fact, Dillon said, Kroger recently lost its position as the market leader in Riverside and San Diego counties.

Still, analysts said Kroger, which operates 2,532 stores in 32 states, had been more effective at drawing customers back into its stores than had either Albertsons Inc. or Safeway Inc.'s Vons and Pavilions chains."