Sunday, March 13, 2005

Don't worry, be happy!

One of the bestest things our great Leader has done is to eliminate so much of the limp-wristed hand-wringing this nation has had to endure under the librul media conspiracy. Take for example the Washington Post, which any right-thinking patriot just knows is a pillar of librul blame-Amurica-firstism: they pretend to be all worried about the delicate sensibilities of Euro governments whose citizens and residents have been 'kidnapped' for some sodomizing in our powerful networks of world-wide 'Club Fed' anti-terror facilities in Egypt, Syria and Afghania.

So what if these folks are not guilty of any 'crime'? That is soooo pre-9/11. We got to get them before they commit crimes, like in Iraqia. And where were these whiny Euros when our Leader was standing on the smoking ruins of the World Trade Center? I ask you, what's a few individuals made to bathe in human feces or naked, anally-probed human pyramids among friends?

Who needs the 'effete' media's librul guilt? But rather than just piss and moan (like a librul) our Leader has hit on a solution: creating our own news! No, not just Rush and Fox, our own news paid for by US tax dollars! And this news doesn't waste time with self destructive emotions like regret or analysis or facts. (Leave it to the New York Times to try and depict the spreading of good news a bad light.) Of course, a 'stern father' like our Leader won't let our 'official' news get out of hand like with those pinko-Islamo-fascist-loving-commies at the BBC. Ours will be free of 'impartiality' in order to better deliver our Leader's true vision, sans the media filter.

Oh the irony, it takes a government-hating true hero like Bush to make government finally do something right. No wonder librulz are consumed by uncontrollable irrational hate of our Leader.